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Hello again

This blog was begun at the request of my then-new student-editor-in-chief while beginning my 3rd year working for the University of Washington Tacoma student newspaper, The Ledger. With a full-load of classes and a paid position with a weekly opinion column, my time for blogging was simply non-existent. I have used my Facebook page as a delivery method for my thoughts on many current and relevant issues facing humankind:
Here is a link to most of my opinion articles published in The Ledger:


Why I am here

I am a journalist with a strong desire to help our species thrive into the long-term future. The deception commonly found in our modern media is the reason I choose journalism as my mid-life career change from construction.

It is my desire to spread enlightening information and smart innovations here that I feel are important to the long term thriving of our entire race of human beings.

Problems such as the climate crisis, corporate control of our governments, unfair economic/banking practices, and a slew of others can be traced to the insatiable greed of a very few human beings. Deception is the main tool used to maintain the existing elite power structure, a structure which is quickly destroying the ability of our only planet to support the fantastic amount of life that survives here interconnected.

All economic activity is supported by our only biosphere, planet Earth. Our current situation is simply unsustainable. Let us all work toward a long term thriving future for all humankind. Every little step, decision or move toward sustainability can help us. A thriving long term future is possible for our descendants, but not if we passively allow “business as usual” to continue.

We are all in this together. Every single one of us can help in our own way.